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Design of materials

With a lot of different product developments it is necessary to develop materials which feature qualities that are specifically designed for the product, production and handling. We do this primarily in the field of plastics. Today, this know-how is being used internationally. An important feature of this success has been the thorough service that Bender Consulting supply with their developments, right through to serial production. That way, our customer can be sure to have a professional partner at any time.

Design of Products

People tend to think that product design is finished as soon as the first draft is complete. We regard production design as an ongoing process, comprising every single phase. A lot of customers have benefited from this philosophy, and innovative products resulted that created a stir both nationally and worldwide.

Production of Materials

In this field, a special focus emerged in the shape of fluorescent colouring of plastics. As this specialty calls for vast experience and a comprehensive production routine, Bender Consulting decided to manufacture a complete range of fluorescent plastics, partly independently, partly under license. (Currently, production sites exist in 6 countries.) This way, the PLASTILIGHT-System was developed. PLASTILIGHT users have been relying on its supreme quality for years, and the range is amazingly varied, including strings, rods, tubes, granulates, sheets and foils in a rainbow of perfectly matched colours.

Production of Products

There’s nothing to convince you of the qualities of a given material than a finished product made from it. That’s why Bender Consulting offers finished products made of fluorescent plastics under the brand name „TUTO-FLUO“. These were devised for customers from different countries and serve as promotional items for PLASTILIGHT fluorescent plastics. We keep developing novelties in this field and shall be happy to keep you informed.

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Design by Rolf Bender

Design by Rolf Bender
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